Bristol, England

I recently went to Bristol, England on a mission trip. I know, the first thing people think when I tell them that is why England? England is a very dark place spiritually.

A group from my church went to help Headley Park Church with their Vacation Bible School for the week. This was my second time to go and help. I worked with the younger group which the ages where 6-9.

The trip was wonderful! After arriving on Sunday and getting all settled in we began Vacation Bible School on Monday. We had a total of about 35 kids in the younger group. I had 6 year olds in my group who were all great. We studied Philippians throughout the week. We had a time where they would but a leader on the spot and the kids had a chance to ask any questions they wanted. The questions that they asked blew me away. One question was "Who created God, I know He created the world but who created him?" another, "Why was Jesus nailed to the cross and not killed somewhere else so people wouldn't see him?". It amazed me that children this young are thinking of these questions.

The Group

All the leaders

My Team- The Parrots

Junior Leaders

We were able to spend Saturday in London. Here are a few pictures from that day.

We landed in Birmingham on Monday night at 9:00. The bad news was our luggage didn't make it home with us. I was reunited with it yesterday only to hear that the sides of it had been ripped open. So now I will be getting new luggage thanks to Delta! :)

Everyone was so gracious and so welcoming. We had a church service the Sunday we left. We prayed for several of the kids and their family's to come. It is very typical for the dads not to come to church. The church was full with children and families. God answered so many prayers while we were there.

This trip has put a fire under me to focus more on my faith and challenge and be more disciplined about getting in the word everyday. I know for me I sometimes become stuck and don't grow. I am so glad God allowed me and provide me with the funds to go on this trip.

Please continue to pray for Headley Park Church and all the children who attended the camp. Pray that they will get involved in the church and that their parents will as well.